Planning Tools

Planning Tools

From Inspiration to Installation and Beyond, With Built to Last Kent Moore Cabinets

Whether remodeling or building your new home, Kent Moore's seven step process ensures customer satisfaction before and after the sale.

An assortment of creative design options, the best materials and expert workmanship make it easy for KMC staff to offer you the perfectCustom Cabinets dark wood cabinets to accent your home. Kent Moore Cabinets provides service and attention-to-detail that goes far beyond simply "making the sale." With the seven step process, KMC's trained experts are available to ensure customer satisfaction and a custom-fit.

A written two-year warranty guarantees the materials and workmanship of every cabinet installed.

KMC is the custom manufacturer to choose when you want the job done right... and on schedule.

Just imagine convenience, comfort and quality craftsmanship. Kent Moore Cabinets can turn your dreams into reality.

Step 1: Planning

The plan starts with your imagination. KMC sales staff are trained to transform your ideas into a completely designed layout. They offer innovative and creative suggestions and the attention to detail that guarantees your satisfaction. KMC staff takes accurate measurements and your cabinets are custom built to those specification. Any size, any shape, Kent Moore Cabinets, Ltd will deliver a perfect fit.

Color, style, design and special features - are all your choice. Maple, Red Oak, Poplar, Alder, Hickory, and Cherry are our primary wood selections. Other wood species are available on special orders.

 Custom kitchen cabinets

Step 2: Design

KMC cabinets are designed to fit your measurements to within 1/16". The filler sections found in "stock" cabinets are not required in KMC products. Each piece is designed separately so that you have maximum flexibility to choose the appliances and cabinet features that work best for you.


Step 3: Production

Kent Moore Cabinets, Ltd uses state of the art technology to support the skills of many fine craftsmen. The end result is the quality of hand-crafted, custom design produced on schedule. KMC has created an efficient production system, complete with a "specials" department for highly customized pieces designed especially for you.

The craftsmen of KMC cabinets take pride in giving each piece a smooth finish that accepts paint or stain evenly. New flat line finishing technology gives the finished cabinets a rich luster and a greater protection.


Step 4: Construction

Every cabinet and shelving unit is manufactured at the Bryan, Texas location. Nothing is prefabricated. Once the specifications have been determined, the materials are cut to fit the dimensions required. Parts for the entire hardwood face frame are glued and screwed together as one unit, guaranteeing square-ness and sturdiness. This is a major advantage over job-site carpenters who must cut the face frame from plywood made with a softwood core.


Step 5: Inspection

KMC products meet the rigorous standards of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing Association. Quality control inspections are made throughout every step of the production process to assure good materials, accurate cutting, careful sanding, solid assembly and expert staining.


Step 6: Installation

As part of its full-service commitment to excellence, our staff will install your new cabinetry. We will advise your plumber, electrician, and building contractor to ensure that the cabinets and shelving components are installed per specification, Any adjustments can be made on site.


Step 7: Service

It only takes one phone call to mobilize the KMC full-time service team. Repairs or replacements covered by your warranty receive prompt attention from a trained member. KMC cooperates with you to the last detail to make sure that your cabinetry is completed according to plan.

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